Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Music Video Feature - Mary Moore "Cold Hands"

Last week's songwriter feature, Mary Moore, just released a brand new music video for her single "Cold Hands!" I'm so excited to show you this video and to give you the behind the scenes scoop with Mary!


What inspired this music video?
'Cold Hands' is all about not getting to know each other - keepin it surface level. I liked the idea of wearing wigs to "mask" who you really are, and not letting someone know the real you. I also knew I wanted the video to be dancey and a little edgy - typically I stay in the earthy rainbow colors, but I wanted this video to be punchier, and the bright RGB colors felt more like the song than an evergreen, maroon, or navy blue. I also love the clash of the white wall background and the black outfits. It keeps the video bright, but also a little darker at the same time - which I feel really sounds like the song. 'Cold Hands' is this warm, enthusiastic bop, but talking about the sad, meaningless dance so many of us do in our single 20's phase. 

What do the wigs represent?
Oops I answered up there, but to me the wigs represent a mask in a way - a pretend person you're putting on. Like each wig is a character you're playing up for the other person, but you have no intention of letting them see who you really are, and you're asking them to not know you either. 

Which wig color was your favorite and why?
My favorite color is red, so I loved the red one. Also "Cold Hands" feels so red to me. It's angry, yet warm. And red is this passionate, angry, but still bright color. I really liked the cut of the green wig though. I think the side bangs is a much more flattering hair cut on me, but the red was fun because it almost made me unrecognizable haha. 

What was your favorite scene in this video?
Probably my favorite scene in the video is one where Danny is sitting at the table, and he is pretending to talk to me as if I am still sitting across from him, but I am messing around leaning in front of him and his eyes get SOOOO WIDE but he still keeps pretending like he is talking to me, but looks so afraid. It makes me laugh SO much. And I think it looks really cool because it's a ton of fierce movements in one shot. 

What was your favorite behind the scenes moment of making this video?
Man, it was so fun because so many of my friends were at the shoot!! It was basically like a big hang and we were also shooting a video! My good friend Brooke Greenberg directed, and our whole girl gang crew was there helping play PA. I think the scene that was the funniest is where I am sitting on the stool and each of the boys and I are touching each other and it was SO FUNNY because it's just our friend group watching and laughing at everything we do. Sometimes we would take it too far and then all of us would burst out laughing. 

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